Why we are here 

Within the walls of our Kitchens and Pantry, we see hopelessness, confusion, sadness, and uncertainty on the faces of young and old alike. A few of their stories

Once a successful business owner, his business went under and his life spiraled down. He lost his house, his car, and—worst of all—his family. Now he is struggling to meet his basic need for food and water.

An articulate 16-year-old who is homeless. She wore the two coats she owned and told us she was fine, but she had no family to lean on, no place to call home. Within our walls she felt safe and found comfort.

An elderly lady who carries all she owns with her every day. She walks to the Kitchen for her daily meal hoping that we will serve her “a little bit more.” We nicknamed her “Little Bit.” Any extra food we are able to serve her is a late night snack when she cannot sleep or it is her breakfast for the next morning. Every day she gives us a big grin and a warm hello. She knows that we care enough to get to know her and to listen.

A man donates food to repay the kindness shown to him during a very trying time in his life. After months of hopelessness from being jobless and homeless he was now back on his feet. The Kitchen provided the meals he needed for daily survival.

These situations remind us of how important we are to so many. Maybe, they need our help for a short time as they find the means to take care of themselves. Maybe, they are elderly and our daily meals supplement their monthly social security. Or, maybe they simply will never be able to move forward financially and need a soft place to land every day.

No matter who they are, we are here to provide a hot meal
with hospitality, respect and care.