What and how it happens 


We serve a hot meal six times each week at the Walnut Hills Kitchen (every day except Monday and Friday; twice on Saturday) and five times a week at the Over-The-Rhine Kitchen (every day except Monday and Friday)

There are two ways in which we serve our guests; first by cooking and serving more than 140,200 meals every year in our two kitchens. Sadly, all too often the only food our guests receive in a given day is the meal they are served by us.

The other way we serve the community is to provide food and toiletries from our pantry in Walnut Hills which we distribute every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to individuals and families in the neighborhood, as well as to residents of the Tom Geiger and Gertrude Houses. More than 5,000 poor and homeless individuals and families take advantage of our pantry annually.

The work of the Kitchens and Pantry takes place through the coordinated efforts of organizations, individual volunteers, volunteer teams/families and donations from several sources.

  • 42 church groups of various denominations and secular organizations sponsor our weekend programs
  • 30,100 volunteer hours spent annually delivering our services while helping to keep our operating expenses to a minimum.
  • Food donations from grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, and catering firms — we rely on them to help fill in the gaps.

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