Reverend Thomas Bokenkotter, Our Founder.  Father. Tom is a respected historian and author who has dedicated his life to the plight of the poor and homeless. Through Fr. Tom’s guidance, we have come to understand our role in caring for the poor.  Fr. Tom has often reflected on the plight of our “guests.” He has stated that there are many reasons why people are caught in the trap of extreme poverty. However, while we are looking for answers, we can all do our part to alleviate some of the suffering. This thought is what inspires us to continue our work at The Over-The-Rhine Kitchen, the Walnut Hills Kitchen and the Walnut Hills Pantry. 

Tom Geiger, a friend devoted and dedicated to the care of the poor and the homeless.

To our wonderful volunteers and generous donors, who continue to walk with us in our mission to care for those less fortunate.

And, especially to our “Guests,” whom we consider our friends and are privileged to serve every day.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following individuals for their kindness and generous contributions:

Ruth Marie Tearney, Ruth contributed to our agency throughout her life. When she passed away in 2003, she left us a bequest that has helped us pay off the mortgage and renovation costs for the building which Over-The-Rhine Kitchen now calls “Home”. She will always have a Special Place in Our Hearts.

Carol Grangier, who superbly managed the pantry as a volunteer for 18 years.

Debra Miersma and David Russell.  After we purchased the new facility for the Over-the-Rhine Kitchen in July 2003, Debra and David took complete responsibility for managing the development of the new site and devoted innumerable hours to ensuring it would be ready for its grand opening on Thanksgiving Day that year.

Susan Morgan.  Looking for a service opportunity, we were very fortunate to welcome Susan into our volunteer family. Susan hit the ground running by immediately creating an outline of Proposed Marketing Projects. Her expertise and professional background have greatly enhanced our efforts in sharing our mission with the public. Through her professional network, she has encouraged others to share their talents for the benefit of  the poor and homeless in our community. We were honored when Susan accepted our invitation to join our Board of Directors.

Paul Schiliesser.  A dedicated graphic designer who reached out and provided us with the guidance and expertise in developing our organization logo, website and facebook in 2014. Paul generously donated his time and efforts to support our mission.

Michael Golan, MASSMEDIUMS, LLC; for generously Web hosting our site.

Gladys E. Ellerhorst, whose memory will continue on through her very generous bequest to care for disadvantaged people who lack the ability to meet life’s challenges. Her wish for our Kitchens and Pantry is to continue to provide individuals and families with a daily meal and groceries. Her amazing spirit had no boundaries and her heart was full of love and commitment for those less fortunate. She was a beacon in life’s sea of despair; proving once again that “Ordinary People Can Make Extraordinary Differences.” 

We have taken considerable care in compiling our lists of donors and volunteers.
Please excuse any omissions or incorrect listings.  These errors are unfortunate and they do not reflect our level of appreciation.  Please report any corrections to the agency office at 513-961-1983, ext. #1